Sunday, March 29, 2009

Queen Victoria and The White Wedding Gown

Wedding is one of the most important events in every woman's life. Every detail is well planned and organized to make the special occasion perfect; from the decorations, to the wedding invitations, the wedding cake, the wedding favors, the wedding flower

The tradition of the wedding gown as we now know it began in the Victorian Era when flowing, white silk wedding gowns were popular. Prior to this time, women's bridal gowns were shorter in length and often included colors like black and red. But soon after Queen Victoria wed Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840, many women paid homage to the Queen by emulating the style of dress she had chosen.

Nowadays, wedding gowns are usually white to symbolize purity or virginity. However, this was not the real intention of Queen Victoria for choosing white as her gown. She opted to have a white wedding dress to go with the white lace that she wanted to incorporate on it. But whatever may the color white represent, it has been a tradition as a shade for wedding gowns and has been used by millions of brides for years now.

By the early twentieth century, wedding dresses become more elaborate with beautiful embroidery and delicate lace to provide a timeless and classical look. Long trains and veils also became popular. At that time, the more elaborate the gown, the more it reflected the wealth and status of the bride.

But today, in the third millennium, bridal gowns are not a measure of the bride?s social standing. Nowadays, wedding dresses are no longer expensive, and they come in various prices that can go with the bride?s budget.

Wedding dress styles are constantly evolving, but many women still look to the white wedding gown that has been a staple of wedding tradition for so long. For these brides, there is nothing better than the classic elegance and fairy tale beauty of a lovely white gown to make the most important day of their lives a memory that will endure forever.

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