Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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Let's Find the Right Keywords

In the second of the "Affiliate Marketing News" sequence of articles, I will talk about the second step you need to take on your road to become a successful affiliate marketer. In the previous article I showed you some ways of finding good products, and in this one I will discuss the way to choose the right keywords for advertising them.

I guess you know by now what "long tail keywords" are. Phrases of three or more words are considered "long tail keywords". Here is a quick example so you immediately understand what it's all about.

Let's say your hobby is sewing and you found a great sewing patterns product. Google the key phrase "sewing patterns" and you will discover there are over 1,300,000 results to your search! In no way do you want to enter into this kind of competition. But if you search for the exact phrase "sewing patterns online," Google will return only 10,600 results. When you are done reading this series of articles you'll see that you could dominate this niche.

I use a wonderful tool, which gives me the number of sites that are optimized for a given keyword or phrase. My tool tells me that only four out of 10,600 sites are optimized for the phrase "sewing patterns online." The bad news is that the same tool also indicates that there are 176,000 searches per month for "sewing patterns" while just 4,500 searches for "sewing patterns online."

But, and there is a but, 4,500 searches combined with another log tail keyword like "sewing patterns costumes," that has over 2,000 monthly searches and zero optimized web sites, brings your total to almost 7,000 searches a month – a very nice search volume. And when you read my following articles, you'll learn how to take advantage of these data and start using the search engines for your promotions.

Performing a thorough keywords research is the most essential step for achieving a lucrative promotion. This is the backbone of any successful online marketing business. Your first search should be for the resources that would help you researching. There are a lot of free tools that you can find online.

Start by using the broadest terms: "cooking," "diet," "golf," and move on by digging deeper until you reach the long tail keywords. Keep checking on Google and the other search engines; find what the volume of searches. Eventually you will find 3-4 phrases of 3-5 words with a few thousands of monthly searches and a low competition in the form of optimized sites.

As I already mentioned, this step is the most important one in your journey to make money. You should devote your time and your best efforts to keywords research. Find online helpful tools, some are free and others have a reasonable price. They will save you a lot of time and subsequently a lot of money.

I will publish my third article in a few days and show you the different alternatives to promote products.

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